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About the drug


Galodif pharmaceutical drug is an original anticonvulsant drug which was developed for the treatment and prevention of epilepsy and for the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Galodif is a noncyclic urea derivative (1 - [(3-chlorophenyl)(phenyl)methyl]urea). Unlike the predecessors, it is the active substance itself; it does not require the transformation in the liver. This fact significantly reduces its toxicity and reduces side effects.

The drug has a broad spectrum antiepileptic action. During the application there is a positive therapeutic effect that is expressed in the termination or reduction of attacks. The drug has low toxicity and high tolerability without causing complications.

At the present time in Russia the production of the substance is organized at the manufacturing site of SDTB "Technolog" (St. Petersburg) and also the technology of producing the finished dosage form (tablets) has been completed. Basic preclinical studies have been conducted and in 1978 clinical studies were partly conducted for the main indication for the treatment of epilepsy.

We have carried out the work in order to develop a new method of producing the drug "Galodif" (a pharmaceutical substance with the sustained release) immobilized on the surface of the detonation nanodiamonds and also we developed the formulation of enantiomeric forms of the drug.

For these developments we received invention patents of the Russian Federation. Also international applications were filed.

We are working on study additional indications of the treatment, namely the treatment of alcohol addiction and cardiovascular diseases.

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