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Preclinical studies

Earlier preclinical studies showed the following results:

The specific activity (anticonvulsant effect):

as part of the study the effect on convulsions caused by maximal electroshock, on pentylenetetrazole seizure, on 5- oxytriptophan convulsions, on nicotine convulsions, on arecoline tremor, on convulsions caused by camphor, on epileptogenic penicillin center, neurotoxic effects and protective index was studied. The results showed that the drug "Galodif" has a spectrum of activity, which is close to benzobarbital and phenobarbital. It exceeds the reference drugs along the efficiency (in the maximal electroshock test) and the margins of safety.

Acute toxicity:

Studies were carried out on rats and mice (male-female). The studies found that "Galodif" is a low-toxic substance after a single intragastric administration of the substance. Average lethal dose for male mice was 2570 ± 180 mg / kg for female mice was 2495 ± 172 mg / kg, the average lethal dose for rats have not been achieved by intragastric administration of 4000 mg / kg, which determines the absence of differences by gender, but the presence of differences in species basis. In acute experiments, the drug "Galodif" did not have a local irritant action after a single intragastric administration. Irritation or necrosis at macroscopic examination did not take place at the mucous membrane of the stomach and the rest of the parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Chronic toxicity:

the studies were carried out on rats, rabbits and dogs. At the three-month administration of the drug "Galodif" we revealed no violations of the functional state of the major organs and body systems.

The specific types of toxicity:

Studies of mutagenicity and potential carcinogenicity allow us to conclude that the drug "Galodif" in the range of tested doses and concentrations does not show the effects indicating its genotoxic and carcinogenic activity.

Allergenic effect:

Studies were carried out on guinea pigs. Results of the study showed that the drug does not have allergenic properties.

The list of pre-clinical studies on the drug Galodif

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