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The mechanism of action of Galodif

  • The anticonvulsant action mechanism of Galodif is related to the blockade of fast sodium neurons channels, which obstructs synaptic signal transmission and limits the spread of convulsive activity.

  • Also its normalizing effect on water and electrolyte balance of the brain plays a certain role. Galodif stabilizes the ion concentration gradient and prevents the change of membrane permeability and membrane potential of the cell. The drug inhibits the development of brain edema during epileptiform convulsions.

  •  Molecular targets of Galodif are benzodiazepine receptors of "central" and "peripheral" types in the brain tissues and in the peripheral tissues. Galodif improves GABAergic processes due to a positive simulating effect. Stimulation of GABA receptors leads to increased GABA inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and inhibition of neuronal activity.

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